Male Procedures
in Novi, Michigan

Illuum has seen cosmetic surgery in men grow in popularity over the years. Our cosmetic procedures help men feel their very best. Our team puts the patient’s best interest at the forefront of every treatment plan. 

Illuum Male Body Procedures
Many people assume the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is only intended for females, but male BBL surgery is actually quite common and popular. It is a procedure that uses a combination of liposuction, fat grafting, and Silhouetch℠ to enhance the volume, curves, and lift of the butt. BBLs offer a much more natural enhancement as opposed to other methods like implants.

Silhouetch℠ is our signature high definition liposuction technique used to artistically sculpt and illuminate the best version of yourself. These transformative procedures are symbolic of what makes our practice so special. Perfectionism, meticulous attention to detail, passion, and artistry produce beautiful works of art. Your body becomes the canvas. Learn more

Liposuction at illuum℠ cosmetic surgery is life-changing. Our advanced liposuction procedure is based on experience from our Silhouetch℠ procedure which is our signature high definition liposuction technique. Using the latest technology, our minimally-invasive cutting-edge principles of liposuction will completely and permanently remove your stubborn fat in just one day.
Chest enhancement involves gynecomastia removal (male breast reduction), pectoral etching, fat transfer, and implants to provide men with a more defined and masculine chest. Illuum provides a holistic, patient-focused experience and uses cutting-edge techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Illuum Male body
“Two years ago I went to Dr. Lakin for chest implants, lipo of the stomach, back, chin, and flanks, and abdominal etching. Two years later at 38, I look better and younger than ever before! Dr Lakin is kind, attentive to details, personable, and provides phenomenal results.”
- Review from Google
“I was totally worried about getting this procedure but after meeting Dr. Lakin I had no anxiety going into surgery. I was fully informed on what would take place, and I must say, that he fulfilled every expectation. If there's anyone that’s trying to decide who to go to for abdominal etching, TAKE IT FROM ME YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH DR. LAKIN!!!”
- Review from Google

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