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Pectoral Implants in Novi, Michigan | Male Chest Enhancement

Illuum Cosmetic Surgery in Novi offers pectoral implants to enhance chest size and definition for patients who want a more muscular physique. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lakin, is an expert in augmentation procedures that help men look stronger and fitter. After recovery, patients will have permanent, sculpted contours that boost confidence and self-esteem. Our professional medical team provides a personalized experience with safe, accessible procedures and natural-looking outcomes.

What Are Pectoral Implants?

Pec implants are silicone devices placed under the pectoral muscles to enhance a man’s chest. They create the appearance of larger, more sculpted muscles. The implants can have different shapes and sizes to accommodate various body types and aesthetic goals. The implantation procedure takes approximately 1–2 hours and is done under general anesthesia.

Consultation and Preparation for Pectoral Implants

Several steps are involved in the preparation process. First, a consultation is scheduled with our plastic surgeon to discuss the patient’s goals and options. We evaluate the patient’s health and medical history to determine their eligibility. The patient may wish to bring reference photos of their desired chest appearance to this appointment. The surgeon also explains different implant types, shapes, and sizes to help guide decision-making.

If the patient decides to proceed, standard pre-operative tests are ordered about a month before the scheduled implant placement. These may include bloodwork and an electrocardiogram. The patient is also given a list of medications and supplements to avoid in the weeks leading up to the procedure. These substances could interfere with anesthesia or increase bleeding risks.

Clearance from a primary care physician showing fitness for plastic surgery may also be required. The patient is instructed on proper protocols for diet, drinking, smoking, and other lifestyle factors before the pectoral implant placement.

Pectoral Implant Procedure


We use general anesthesia to ensure the patient is asleep during the operation. We aim to prevent any sensations or awareness to make the procedure smooth and comfortable.

Small incisions are made, usually in the armpits or along the lower edge of the pectoral muscle. The surgeon aims to minimize visible scarring while allowing adequate access to place the implants. The length of the cuts depends on the type and size of the implants.

Following the incisions, the surgeon creates a pocket behind the pectoral muscle. The implants are inserted into this space and positioned correctly to create proper symmetry and appearance. Our surgeons use the latest techniques to achieve the best results and minimize the risk of capsular contracture.

Once the implants are positioned, the surgical pockets are closed with sutures and surgical adhesives. The incisions are thoroughly cleaned and also sealed. Over time, the scar lines will continue healing and fading.

Pectoral Implant Before & After

Add-On Procedures

Pec Fat Transfer
After weight loss or aging, there may be excess skin overlying the pec muscles. In this case, we may remove some excess skin and lift the nipple to smooth and tighten the chest wall. This is often done in conjunction with either gynecomastia surgery, Pec Silhouetch℠, pec fat transfer, or pec implants to improve the overall appearance of the male chest.

Pec Silhouetch℠ is our signature technique for high-definition liposuction with pectoral etching that enhances the look of the pectoral and latissimus dorsi muscles. It involves carefully removing excess fat tissue around the borders of the pec and latissimus dorsi muscles through liposuction, making them more defined and toned. This procedure is often combined with gynecomastia surgery to reduce enlarged breast tissue, as well as pec implants or fat transfer to the pecs to augment their shape and size. Pec Silhouetch℠ aims to sculpt an athletic appearance of the male chest through advanced body contouring. It is a popular choice for men seeking a more masculine appearance.

Excess breast tissue or gynecomastia often makes pectoral implants look uneven. In such cases, adding gynecomastia surgery can help to achieve an optimal, sculpted appearance. During this operation, glandular breast tissue may need to be removed to flatten the chest. Once this is done, the pec implants can be placed for complete contouring and definition.

After significant weight loss, many patients also choose to have a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Adding an abdominoplasty allows the surgeon to remove excess skin and fat from the belly region, creating a flatter, more toned appearance that complements the enhanced chest. Combining these procedures is beneficial because men can achieve better results with less downtime and discomfort.

Our signature technique for high definition liposuction with abdominal etching is often combined with male chest enhancement procedures to produce a total transformation of the entire male torso. Enhancing the appearance of the abs is an excellent complement to male chest enhancement. This procedure is customized to your unique goals to reveal your underlying anatomy and help create the best version of yourself!

Alternative Procedure: Pec Fat Transfer

Pec fat transfer is an innovative alternative technique for enhancing the male chest in patients who wish to use their own tissue instead of a pec implant for pec augmentation. It involves harvesting fat via liposuction from areas like the abdomen or flanks. This tissue is then meticulously processed and injected into the pectoral region of the chest under the pectoralis muscle. The transferred fat cells blend seamlessly, creating smooth, natural-looking enhancements. Utilizing the patient’s own tissue, the chest has a masculine, athletic appearance and feel.

Recovery After Pectoral Implant Surgery

Patients must follow our instructions carefully in the first few weeks after surgery. Bandages and compression garments are worn to facilitate proper healing and minimize swelling. Any strenuous upper body exercise or heavy lifting with the arms should be avoided during the initial recovery period. This will allow the surgical sites to mend without complications.

As the incision sites heal, swelling and bruising will gradually resolve. Discomfort and tightness can be managed with medication as prescribed. During follow-up appointments, the surgeon will monitor the progress of recovery and guide patients in returning to normal activities. Complete healing time varies for each individual. Patients are advised to diligently follow post-op instructions from the surgeon to achieve the best results.

Candidates for Pectoral Implant Surgery

Good candidates for this type of cosmetic surgery are men who already live an active lifestyle yet desire more muscular-looking pecs. Here are the characteristics of ideal patients:

Benefits of Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implant surgery is becoming increasingly popular among men seeking more sculpted, muscular chest contours. The main benefits of this procedure include:

Cost of Pectoral Implants in Novi, Michigan

The cost of pectoral implant surgery in Novi, Michigan, ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. The price varies depending on the type of implant selected and other factors relating to the complexity of the procedure. When budgeting for pectoral implant surgery, patients should also prepare for potential additional costs. These may include medical clearance exams before surgery, post-operative garments, pain medication, and time off work for recovery.

Illuum Cosmetic Surgery provides accurate price quotes during the initial consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. We offer many financing plans to help offset costs and allow men to get the sculpted chest they desire. It is easy to start this transformative journey by scheduling a consultation today.

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What Makes Our Augmentation Surgery Different From Others?

Illuum Cosmetic Surgery provides personalized care and stunning results for patients seeking pectoral implants. With a focus on innovation, our surgeons continuously improve their techniques to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes. We make cosmetic surgery accessible and affordable, helping more patients enhance their appearance. Our professional team is committed to transparency and safety. From the initial consultation to the final results and beyond, Illuum Cosmetic Surgery offers a holistic experience to make every individual feel comfortable, empowered, and satisfied with their body. 

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you’re seeking the expert guidance of Dr. Lakin or Dr. Ozolins, or have a clear idea of your needs, scheduling a consultation is the obvious and easy next step. Meet and sit down with one of Michigan’s premier plastic surgeons and start your journey into illuminating the best version of yourself.
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Katie Wells BSN, RN

Nurse Injector

She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Michigan State University and worked as an operating room nurse at Michigan Medicine for 2 years before transitioning to aesthetics. She
received her certification as a Nurse Injector, and attended further training and certification through Allergan Medical Institute. She absolutely loves being a Nurse Injector and is very passionate about
combining medicine and the creativity and artistry of aesthetics in her practice. It is extremely important to her to remain educated and up to date with the newest and best treatments and injection techniques. Her goal as an Injector is that when you sit in her chair that you feel comfortable, fully educated on your procedure, and confident and happy in your results when we are done. She loves forming connections with her patients and feels truly honored to be a part of your journey to becoming your most confident self, inside and out! She is a great listener and looks forward to creating an individualized plan to meet each of her patient’s unique goals and desires. Some of her favorite treatments include lip filler, Botox, and midface/cheek filler (but there is so much more!). When she is not injecting, you can find her trying new recipes, spending time with family, working out, gardening, or taking a long walk with her dog.

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Heidi Winkler BSN, RN

Director of Nursing & Surgical Services Leadership

Heidi’s goal is to ensure every patient has a positive experience and is satisfied with the high quality of service provided by our clinical staff. Her passion as a caregiver is to impact each person’s life in a positive way.

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Tonya Gilbert BSN, RN

PACU Nurse

Tonya has been a registered nurse for 15 years. She earned her BSN at the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

She started her career as a trauma RN in Detroit. She has been working as a recovery RN for the past 8 years. She loves being part of a team that makes a difference in people’s lives. 

Her passions include lounging with her fur babies, family, and friends, traveling, crunching, and recycling. 

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